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Month Review: April

This is the first of a (hopefully) long series of posts in which I update you, my imaginary public, about what happened during past month, focusing particularly on projects I'm working on and all the achievements reached.

I believe that writing this kind of posts can boost my productivity, by keeping myself accountable for what I did, and what I didn't.

This month’s review will focus on what I’m mostly occupying my time with, creating Ocean and my bachelor’s thesis.


OpenBSD on the Desktop: some thoughts

I’ve been using OpenBSD on my ThinkPad X230 for some weeks now, and the experience has been peculiar in some ways.


Regarding WhatsApp IP "leakage habit"

Recently Colin Hardy posted a video where he demonstrated how the WhatsApp web client leaks the user’s IP address when computing URL previews.

All of the sudden the entire web freaked out because of this behavior, while in my opinion there isn’t much to be scared of.


Breadfraud 2!

Seems like someone is still trying to scam innocent Bitcoin users through fake Breadwallet clones published on the Apple AppStore.

Dissecting a fake breadwallet iOS app

Disclaimer: I do not work for breadwallet, anything you'll read in this article is not endorsed by them; I am fairly new to mobile app security too, so expect errors.


Convert Arch Linux installation from MBR/BIOS to UEFI

After literally years of notebook-only computing I finally built a nice desktop PC, and since I didn鈥檛 had enough money to afford an SSD drive right now, I鈥檓 borrowing it from my trusty ThinkPad X61s.

The Arch Linux installation I had there was already configured to fit my needs and I wanted to test the real flexibility this distro have to offer, so I converted it from a MBR/BIOS system to a UEFI one, here鈥檚 how I did it using only the Arch installation media.

MacBook Pro Retina touchpad on Fedora 23

Fedora 23 is working great on my 13" MacBook Pro Retina but the Synaptics’s touchpad driver is lacking gestures and palm/thumb recognize support.

i3wm Retina-ready

Yesterday I’ve installed i3wm-gaps just for fun, knowing that last time I tried it on my Retina MacBook Pro ti was completely unusable due to the Retina display.

This is changing today.